Since he started his professional career Daniele De Cario has  recorded, toured and performed with national and international artists. Among his collaborations there are artists such as Eddy Napoli, Alejandro Fernandez, David Bisbal, Alejandra Guzman,Miriam Hernandez, Ivan cantante, Sami Beigi, Karmandan, Diego Torres, Christopher Uckermann, , Jose’ Nieves (RKM) & Kenny Vasquets (KEN-Y) Sofia Reyes, Samo, Reyli Barba,Ignacio Val, Fernanda Avedel, Natalia Jimenez, Fey, Rana Mansour, Sepideh, 25band, Siavash Sham, Karmandan, Niaz Nawab, Rana Farhan, Leila Forouhar, Evan Schoombie, Scott Alan, Albino Montisci, Michael W. Smith, Kelli Lidell,  and many others.




His career as a music producer has seen him working on several projects.
DeCa has produced music for artists of different musical genres. He has also has produced advertising jingles, music for theater, movie soundtracks, music for fashion shows. Since 2010 DeCa is the official producer of Low Pulse Project. Recently he has worked for: Gracon Productions, Aqquarela band, Aristotle, Ass. Raggio di Sole Cultural, Tino & The Untuned Elephants.



A versatile musician and a lovely person DeCa is also a highly regarded musical director. In fact, he has directed:
Ivan singer – Open for Camilo Sesto – Gibson Amphitheater, Universal Sturdios; Aristotle & Friends, Hollywood; Aristotle- Whitney Huston Tribute,Hollywood; Aristotle- Angelof Soul Show -The Colony Theater Burbank, Ca.



In 2010 DeCa founded Low Pulse Project.

Low Pulse Project started as a collective of artists and debuted releasing an EDM song entitled Reverse available online at (watch the music video here: ) However Low Pulse Project evolved by spontaneously becoming an indie label. Putting energies together working on various projects, discovering new talents, producing music, publishing music and organizing workshops and music tour.

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Daniele De Cario music producer