On April 15th 2022

Low Pulse Project has released the hip hop dubstep single composed by Daniele De Cario

A Uosemo Feat. Daniele De Cario. The title is in the Neapolitan language, as a tribute to the original language of the producer. However the song is sung in Spanish and features an English chorus.. Written, composed, produced and sung by Daniele De Cario, A Uosemo features hip-hop / dubstep / electronic vibes.It is a song that has no other claim than to describe the true pitiful state of today’s human being who instead of improving follows a process of involution both inside and out.Hopefully, humans wake up early and start thinking with their own minds. A Uosemo in Spanish means: “Going by instinct”. Music video produced by Low Pulse Project and Gracon Productions. Directed by Jean Luis Contreras. special thanks to Erika Contreras, Miles Contreras, Grandpa June, Blondie, Pablo and the adorable dogs Wolf and Perrito.

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